Olive trees



Women Swimming Collection






In this section you can observe women, while diving underwater and swimming at the sea. The idea behind this, is to present through women’s figures, human characteristics such as strength, effort, grace and more. 

**women swimming catalogue**


Variety of themes




In this part, you can see still life, human figures, (many forms have allegoric meaning) and some themes of capturing the beauty of nature.




Paintings in gold and silver Collection





Here, we feature oil paintings on gold or silver leaves. The idea of this complex technique is the vitality, the movement and the way the light changes in relation to our visual angle.

**gold & silver catalogue**


Saints Icons Collection






Here is a small sample of Byzantine icons all painted in the traditional way, which is powdered colour and eeg yolk, on wood that has been specifically treated. This special technique of great detail, requires plenty of time and extra painting skills. 






This part of my gallery exhibits painting, done on lampshades. These exquisite “one of a kind” works of art, come in a variety of vivid themes.  



**lamp shades catalogue**

Lamp Shades Collection



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